Organoleptic description
Giocato Chardonnay is a quality wine with an enjoyable pleasant taste. Its
varietal aroma is reminiscent of apple and peach, and complemented by a
soft vanilla aroma. In the mouth, it is smooth, medium-bodied and
pleasantly warm.

Technical data
Geographic origin: the Goriška Brda wine-growing region
Vineyard type: terraced
Height above sea level: 80 – 200 m
Type of soil: marlstone and sandstone
Climate: sub-Mediterranean, a mixture of warm sea air and of the influence
of cold winds from the Alps

Wine parameters
Year: 2010
Alcohol by volume: 12,5 % vol
Acids: 5,37 g/l
pH: 3,34
Residual sugar: 3,3 g/l

Variety: 100 % Chardonnay
Harvest time: September 10 – September 23
Harvesting: exclusively by hand

Fermentation and maturation
100 % in stainless steel containers

Sommelier’s recommendation
Giocato Chardonnay complements beautifully lamb, poultry and veal dishes, spiced fish dishes and grilled vegetables.

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