Organoleptic description
Giocato Ribolla is a quality wine with an enjoyable and pleasantly freshtaste. Its aroma is vinous, varietal with a characteristically subtle fruity bouquet. Its taste is pleasantly fresh, lively and rounded off by the pleasant aroma of acacia. Ribolla, the oldest ‘local’ vine of the Brda, is an indigenous variety of Goriška Brda, which conveys all the characteristics and beauty of the region.

Technical data
Geographic origin: the Goriška Brda wine-growing region
Vineyard type: terraced
Height above sea level: 120 – 220 m
Type of soil: marlstone and sandstone
Climate: sub-Mediterranean, a mixture of warm sea air and of the influence of cold winds from the Alps

Wine parameters
Year: 2010
Alcohol by volume: 12 % vol
Acids: 5,43 g/l
pH: 3,28
Residual sugar: 3,7 g/l

Variety: 100% Rebula – an indigenous variety of Goriška Brda
Harvest time: September 10 – September 21
Harvesting: exclusively by hand

Fermentation and maturation
100 % in stainless steel containers

Sommelier’s recommendation
Golden Giocato Rebula nicely complements refreshing salads, fresh and salt water fish dishes, fresh vegetable dishes, pasta with vegetables sauces, and risotto with spring vegetables.

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